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Open Call for „ESTAM Super Group”

The ESTAM Super Group call for this year’s ESTAM World Music Festival, which will take place at the end of August 2024 in Kragujevac, is now open. The deadline for applications is March 25th.”

February 7, 2024

Magazin Etnoumlje

Pročitaj ovaj članak na srpskom

The ESTAM Super Group call, which opened on February 1st and runs until March 25th, 2024, is intended for musicians with vision, as well as music producers/directors passionate about collaboration that breaks boundaries. Collaboration involves active participation in the upcoming ESTAM Super Group project within the next edition of the Kragujevac ESTAM festival.

The ESTAM Super Group is a dynamic fusion of musical ingenuity that brings together artists from different parts of the world. Proposed by the ESTAM World Music Festival, this visionary project gathers innovative musicians who would participate in creating a new ensemble and new music. With a distinct thematic focus each year, the Super Group crafts an original musical narrative that transcends genres and boundaries.

Through the paths of collaboration, creativity, and shared passion, the ESTAM Super Group embodies the festival spirit of global unity through the universal language of music.

The selected participants of the ESTAM Super Group 2024 would reside in Kragujevac from August 26th to August 30th, working on the realization of the proposed project during this period. Their performance as part of the main program of the ESTAM festival is scheduled for August 31st, 2024.”

tjuljuš josifovski kovač

Trio Tyulyush/Josifovski/Kovač, ESTAM, Kragujevac, 2023 (photo: Slavoljub Radojević)

After the call ends, a group of 2 to 5 members will be selected, as well as the musical director (leader) of the project. During the selection process, the jury from the festival’s programming board will make a shortlist of candidates and conduct online interviews. The project has a budget of 3,500 EUR, which includes fees and travel expenses, while additional costs (rehearsals, performances, etc.) are covered by the ESTAM festival.

The performance of the ESTAM Super Group will be professionally recorded (multichannel audio, at least three cameras) photographed, and used for promotional purposes, both for the benefit of the ESTAM World Music Festival and the artists themselves.

Let’s remind ourselves that last year’s ESTAM Super Group, Burning from the Inside, consisted of Radik Tyulyush, Oliver Josifovski, and Lav Kovač, artistically and logistically led by Vladimir Đorđević, a permanent member of the artistic board of the ESTAM festival.

The deadline for submitting applications is March 25, and the announcement of the shortlist can be expected as early as April 10, 2024.

In the application, it is necessary to provide a proposed project outline (maximum 500 words), then list the instruments included in your desired lineup, and include biographies of musicians and YouTube links (maximum 3 per musician) of the performers you wish to invite. Only one alternative per instrument is possible. It is necessary to specify whether the musicians have been contacted and whether their consent has been obtained.

Existing bands do not meet the application requirements!

If you are applying individually as a music producer/director who does not perform with a band, please include your biography and relevant YouTube links.

In the second round, candidates selected for the shortlist will submit their final, detailed project concept (including project title, topic, confirmed participants, and musical direction), as well as a mood demo, with a deadline of April 30th. Online interviews will be conducted from May 10th to May 17th, 2024. A requirement in this round is at least one demo track (MIDI acceptable) and at least one song lyric (if applicable), along with the aforementioned detailed project concept.

In the third round, the final selection will take place, and the results will be announced between May 20th and May 30th, 2024.

For all information and application submissions, visit the website of the Student Cultural Center Kragujevac (click on THIS LINK), which organizes the ESTAM festival and leads the ESTAM Super Group project.