BALKAN world music CHART started in the spring od 2019 with the idea of attracting world music experts and audience to the Balkan scene. This definition ”The Balkan scene” should be understood broadly enough. In that sense, this chart takes into consideration the world music (including traditional) that comes from the Balkan countries, also the world music works of the Balkan-born musicians living outside of this region, as well as the music and artists from all around the world that have connections to the Balkan sound.

Balkan Chart was established under the umbrella of World Music association of Serbia and is currated by the editor-in-chief of WMAS’s portal and Magazine Etnoumlje, Marija Vitas.

This Chart works by listing the top ten best albums released during the period of last 8 months. The lists will be published quarterly (end of March June/September/December).

The membership is about to increase. The Balkan music connoisseurs from all around the Globe are welcome to join us. We invite also radio stations interested in publishing and playing our lists.